Could volunteers help out online in an emergency in the UK?

This could be very effective in helping to scotch rumours and in my opinion is well worth exploring further.


Proposal to form a Virtual Operations Support Team for the UK.

For discussion.

This is an idea that came out of ukgovcamp 2012 and was further discussed at bluelightcamp 2012.

We* are inspired by global online response organisations such as Crisis Commons, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and Standby Taskforce as well as by the development of VOST in parts of the United States of America.

This slideshare introduces the VOST concept nicely

We hope to build a movement of digitally engaged citizens in the UK who will apply their skills to help mitigate the impact of emergencies and to enhance the recovery from emergencies.

The risks

Online communication tools play an important role in civil emergencies.
They can be used for warning and informing, for mobilisation of…

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