Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

This page is really just the typed equivalent of thinking out loud.

I am thinking about different ways to find and visualise information. Word clouds are one way.

Experimental Interactive Word Cloud

Experimental DebateGraph for the “Hampshire Hub”

I’m very interested in the possibilities provided by free collaboration tools like Debategraph. According to their web site:

Debategraph lets us visualize and share networks of thought – making our reasoning transparent and open to collaborative and iterative reflection, questioning and improvement.

I’ve made a start at adding some ideas for a project I’m working on at the moment which we’re calling the “Hampshire Hub”. It’s early days and we need to work up a business case setting out what the project is, who it’s for, why it needs doing at all,  how much it’s expected to cost etc. Whilst we work out what we’re trying to do, I thought it might be useful to present pros & cons for different elements visually. It’s early days and I’m learning as I go.

Image of DebateGraph Experimental Discussion for the Hampshire Hub

DebateGraph Experiment for Hampshire Hub. Click to launch

If Debategraph is as good as it appears to be, others could potentially contribute ideas and add their comments to existing ideas as well. I’m struggling to embed frames within my WordPress.com page, so for now it’s a static image. Click the image to launch the interactive version on Debategraph’s web site. If you aren’t familiar with DebateGraph, I’ve included a short introductory video here

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